Hollywood Celebrities who are Hardcore Gamers

You are fans of these celebrities and they are fans of these awesome games. Know what your favorite celebrities play and what are their most liked Video Games

Brie Larson: Animal Crossing 

Larson loves playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well as Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild. 

Credit: youtube.com/AnimalCrossing

Henry Cavill : World Of Warcraft

Henry Cavill likes World of Warcraft and chances are that he likes The Witcher (Of course he does!)

Credit: youtube.com/WorldofWarcraft

Michael Phelps: Call Of Duty

The legendary swimmer Michael Phelps is into Call of Duty. In 2012, he said that he played about thirty hours of Call of Duty a week.

Credit: youtube.com/CallofDuty

Drake: Fortnite 

Drake and his friends have been reportedly playing Fortnite while they are in the recording studio.

Credit: youtube.com/Fortnite

Zac Efron: Halo 

Zac Efron has been a Halo fan for a long time. Once, he also helped sell the Halo 3 game. 

Credit: youtube.com/Halo

Michelle Rodriguez: Doom

Michelle Rodriguez loves playing Doom along with a few first-person shooters in general. 

Credit: youtube.com/DOOM

Matthew Perry: Fallout 

Along with giving his voice for Fallout: New Vegas,  Matthew Perry is also a big fan of the same franchise.

Credit: youtube.com/Fallout

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