Funniest glitches in video game history

Glitches sometimes add humour to the game and sometimes they are super annoying. Here are the top 7 games with terrible glitches. 

Animal People

This glitch is from RDR, basically something where human NPCs start behaving like animals. It's just like rabies but virtually. You can see people fly in the sky and also flapping their arms as if they were birds. 

Credit: dead redemption 

Beta Worm People

In Battlefield 3, your fellow men may look normal at first, but when they move, they turn into worm people. The necks and arms of these people get long and also they wiggle to move. 

Credit: 3

Shepard's Head Spin

The Mass Effect series has a lot of funny moments, just like the Shepard head spin glitch. Here you an see his head spins all the way around like a broken bobble-head toy. 

Credit: effect

Online Chair Glitch

Along with other glitches LOTR has this funniest one where you can tell other characters to follow you and they will. But if you do it while they are sitting in a chair, they will remain seated and the chair will float after you. 

Credit: of the Rings

Sharks Leaving The Water 

In Crysis you can see sharks leaving the ocean and glitching around the beaches. The sharks are huge too, it is just another nightmare from the ugly sharknado sort of movies.


Warband's Face In The Sky

In Mount & Blade the entire sky turns into a face, it is scary and super creepy.  It is not a pretty face either, as its skin stretches beyond to each horizon and its mouth hangs open.

Credit: & Bound

Giants Sending Enemies Up Into The Sky

The giants of Skyrim broke the laws of physics in a hilarious way. Players have witnessed either themselves, animals, or companions get launched high into the sky when they got hit by a giant.


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