Games Coming to Xbox game pass in February 2021 

Microssoft's Xbox Game Pass has been astounding success up till now, primarily owing to its fantastic game library. From Drift 5 to Elite dangerous, these are the games That will be a part of the subscription service in Febraury 2021. 

Code Vein

Code Vein, developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, is the ideal game to play with your friends. Team up to escape the apocalypse and go back to the peaceful past. 

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation


Racing in Wreckfest is as intense as it gets. Owing to great mechanics, brilliant graphics and well-designed cars, it is often considered the best demolition derby in over a decade. 

Credit: YouTube/Playscope Trailer

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire 

Pillars on Eternity 2: Deadfire revolves around the several decisions players make on their journey. From a captivating storyline to vast exploration, this action RPG has it all. 

Credit: YouTube/GameNews

Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black is a fast-paced action arcade game. It might look simple at first glance, but players experience its chaotic meta only when they step in the field. 

Credit: YouTube/Nintendo

Dirt 5 

Ice racing in Dirt 5 is most probably its biggest highlight. This racing video game also has a custom stage generator where the community can showcase its creativity. 

Credit: YouTube/IGN

Elite Dangerous 

Elite Dangerous lets players explore the Milky-Way galaxy like never before. They can progress in the game by exploration, combat and trading. 

Credit: YouTube/GameSpot

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is one of the most innovative shooter games out there in which constantly making new strategies is the only viable approach to defeat the enemies. 

Credit: YouTube/Superhot

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