A ‘Really Angry’ Lee Trevino Asked Phil Mickelson to ‘Shut Up’ After Being Triggered by His Disrespectful Comments in 2014

The six-time major winner is one of the most idolized players globally. However, his fame also comes from the numerous controversies he has been a part of. And one of these squabbles includes the time when he made unacceptable statements about US Ryder Cup team captain Tom Watson. In fact, fellow golfer Lee Trevino once lashed out at Lefty for his deplorable comments.

lee trevino criticizes phil

Lee Trevino is one of the greatest golfers of all time to have played on the PGA Tour. With 29 PGA Tour victories in his remarkable career, the golf legend holds an outstanding reputation among players. And coming from him, Phil Mickelson had to take some criticism seriously.

"phil should shut his mouth" says lee

After Mickelson blamed Tom Watson for using his methods during the game and having the US Team lose in the Ryder Cup, several players spoke against his comments. And among them was the retired golf star Trevino. In an interview with Golf.com in 2015, Trevino expressed how he felt Mickelson should have kept his mouth “shut”.

Lee Trevino fired shots at Phil Mickelson for his mean statements

According to Lee, someone with a losing record like Mickelson should not comment on a player like Watson and his strategies. “I thought it would have come out a lot better from someone like Patrick Reed, who went 3-0-1, instead of a guy who has been a part of so many losing teams,” Trevino said. “If I had a losing record in the Ryder Cup, I’d keep my mouth shut.”

lee defends watson

Noticeably, an irritated Trevino stood up strong to defend his old pal. “Tom Watson is a good friend of mine,” he said. “I’ve got a hell of a lot of respect for the guy, and I was really angry about the way they treated him…he worked his butt off for two years and all they did was show up and go play.”

lee had more to add

Clearly, Trevino was not okay with what Mickelson put out about Watson in the post-match presser. It was already shocking to hear what the golfer said about his captain. Moreover, he made those statements right in front of him, and reporters broadcast them live to the world.

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