Charles Barkley Makes a Powerful Confession About Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan

Barkley has participated in many pro-am tournaments in recent years. During a recent quick interview posted on Golf Digest’s Twitter handle, the Inside the NBA analyst was asked various questions related to the sport of golf. His witty answers with a pinch of great insight information are surely worth watching.

trash talk king

In the interview, the 1993 NBA MVP was asked various questions regarding his competitors in golf in recent times. He was asked about who trash talks the most. “Nobody talks more trash than Michael Jordan,” said Chuck.

charles names tiger and phil too for their trash talk

Charles adds that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson too have plenty to say while competing. “I got a lot of friends who talk a lot of trash on the golf course,” said Barkley.

most intimidating person charles has played golf with

“I think the first time I met Tiger, it was intimidating being around him”, he replied. Charles Barkley also labeled his long-time rival and friend Michael Jordan as intimidating. He said, “I’ll also say Michael.”


Both Woods and Jordan are known to be the greatest in their respective sports. Tiger has 82 professional wins to his name which also include 15 Major titles, while Michael Jordan has six NBA titles.

How did Woods become Jordan’s friend?

The two got close after Woods signed a deal with Nike. Woods and Jordan used to hang out together at public events and sports tournaments as well. But there hasn’t been news of the two seeing each other in a long time.

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