Despite the $3,000,000,000 Betrayal, Tiger Woods Also Had His Trust Breached by a Fellow Confidante

28th, June 2023


Discover the enduring legacy of this iconic figure on the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods, more than just a golfer, embodies the essence of the PGA Tour. Though sidelined by injuries, his presence remains indelible, as he continues to shape the golfing world and capture the hearts of fans worldwide. 

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Loyalty Tested

Step into the past and uncover the shocking betrayal that left Tiger Woods questioning loyalties early in his professional career. Discover the revealing excerpt from Steve Williams' book that sheds light on the moment when Woods first sensed a betrayal within the ranks of the professional golf circuit.

The Betrayal That Shook Tiger Woods' Career

Williams' Revelation: An End-of-an-Era Decision in the World of Golf

Steve Williams, the renowned caddy, reflects on a pivotal moment in his career when he contemplated stepping away from the profession. Join us as we explore Williams' conversation with golfing legend Raymond Floyd and their mutual decision to conclude their respective journeys in the golfing world at the turn of the century. 

“His (Raymond Floyd) career was winding down and I’d previously decided 2000 was going to be my last year. There was something nice about caddying through to the end of the century,” Williams wrote. 

“The next day the buzz around the range was that Tiger Woods had fired his caddy Mike ‘Fluff’ Cowan. Fluff, with his aging hippy looks and droopy moustache, had developed a profile by working for Tiger over his first three years on tour – he was now appearing in his own TV commercials and apparently Tiger wasn’t happy his caddy was building a celebrity status on the back of Tiger’s achievements,” it read.

Tiger's Transparent Approach

The intriguing story of how Tiger Woods sought to secure the services of Steve Williams as his caddy. Despite Steve's initial reservations and his desire to consult with Raymond Floyd, it was revealed that Woods had already approached Raymond out of respect and transparency. 

The Right Way to Approach Caddie Selection

“I said nothing to Raymond but it turned out he already knew an offer was coming as Tiger and his coach Butch Harmon had done the right thing and called Raymond to ask if they could approach me,” Williams shared in his biography.

Loyalty Betrayed

Tiger Woods dreams of his son, Charlie, following his footsteps in professional golf, but the merger raises uncertainties for their future.. 

Tiger Woods' Stand for Transparency and PGA Tour

With his own career in flux and aspirations for his talented son Charlie, the golf legend faces unanswered questions and added uncertainty for the future of the PGA Tour and his own professional path.

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Serena Williams


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