Despite the Fame and a Larger-Than Life Public Persona, Tiger Woods’ Close Friend Once Revealed the Golfer’s True Character

There is so much more that we do not know about former No.1. But who knows you better than your friends? Friends know everything about you. they see you at your best and your worst. A friend of Woods knew his secret inner side that the world wasn’t aware of

The shocking truth about Tiger Woods

We know the legendary Tiger Woods by many names, the former No.1, 15 times Major champion, Green jacket winner, and much more. But there is something which we were never aware of. A friend of Woods revealed he is not as fun and vibrant as he seems!

woods is a complete different person in real life

Woods is shy and awkward. He has good intentions, but he is not suitable for life in public. The PGA Tour member is great if you meet him for 30 seconds. But he is a different story when you get to know him better.

what does his friends say about woods?

His friend said, “Frankly, the real Tiger Woods isn’t that marketable. Woods is an aloof person who wants to be left alone to read a book. He is not a ‘public figure’ person."


According to his friend, being a celebrity means you attract much unwanted attention and public scrutiny. For Woods, this drove a jam in his personality. He is an introvert who wants to be alone.

Woods endorsement and financial interests

Despite Woods being an introvert, his financial interests have made him sign many endorsement deals. Even though he is aloof, big brands wanted him to be the face of the brand because of his celebrity status. He is one of the most celebrated personalities in the sports world.


Woods’ first endorsement was with Nike in 1996 after he turned professional at the age of 20. Next he landed with Titleist, ranked as the most lucrative endorsement contract in golf history. He also went on to sign deals with brands like Rolex, Hero MotoCorp, Bridgestone Golf, and many more.

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