‘Don’t Think Tiger Can Do Much’: Greg Norman Laid Bare Facts About Tiger Woods Before His Much-Awaited Return in 2009

Friendships make and friendships break. Who better to prove this saying true than Tiger Woods and Greg Norman? The famous duo have had more hate than love in their bitter-sweet relationship so far. However, almost a decade back, Greg Norman lit up with the news of Tiger Woods’s comeback to the game. He also went on to term it as a huge positive for the sport. So it is but surprising to see how the ‘Great White Shark’ is in a similar condition almost a decade later, today.

Greg Norman once expressed his excitement on Tiger’s return.

Things have changed in the Golf Town ever since Greg Norman started to back the Saudi-funded league. However, there were simpler times when the golf community was well-knit together. Even though there was a fair share of differences amongst the players, they were held together by the same glue.

Tiger Woods made a comeback after suffering a knee injury.

Tiger Woods was on a break from golfing in early 2009. He was resting on an injured knee, and get back to the game stronger. Turning back the pages of history, the golf world was in a clear state of flux back then. TV ratings were soaring. At the time, there was news that Tiger Woods would make his return to the game in early March.

Greg Norman, in an interview, confessed to how having Woods back would change things for the better for the game, as a whole.

He said, “Golf has struggled in recent times with TV ratings down and the bad economic climate. I don’t think Tiger can do much to turn around the economy, but having him back will be great for the game.”

Norman's assumption surely helped golf.

Woods did not disappoint Norman and ended up winning 6 times that year. He also got his name into the history of golf by capturing his second title for FedExCup. Even though the year did not prove to be the easiest for Woods, Norman’s assumption that he helped the game cannot be completely wrong.

Look how the tables have turned for Tiger Woods and Norman.

The differences between Tiger Woods and Greg Norman are not new. Their love-hate relationship has had its share of ups and downs. The hatred, however, has grown stronger in recent years. With LIV’s introduction to the game. Greg Norman’s exit has been made out to be a necessity by the PGA players for more than once now. Tiger Woods is no exception to this. In an interview conducted not so far back, Woods said, “Greg’s gotta leave.”

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