7 th May, 2023


‘Go Pick Up the F****ng Ball’: Despite Tiger Woods Comforting His Disgust, Inevitable Embarrassment Befalls His Playing Partner

The event proved to be a disastrous one for the poker professional despite being comforted by Woods on several occasions. Let's see what happened.

To play with the GOAT of Golf, Tiger Woods is a dream for many and those who have played with him know exactly why. Not long ago, the professional poker player, Ben Lamb tried his skills at Golf with the legend. 

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How did Woods tried his best to motivate Lamb?

In a recent podcast, Ben revealed that despite making erred shots, Tiger was calm and composed and reasoned weather and surface conditions for poor shots of Lamb and also provided pointers to improve the game.

Lamb couldn't contain himself despite Woods' efforts

Despite being comforted all along, Ben got really frustrated to the point where he asked his caddie and brother to “Go pick up that f****g ball. We’re done with this hole. I’m going to the next tee box.”



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