Golfers With Hilarious Meanings of Their Names on Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary trend needs no introduction as it is spread all over the internet. People enter their names on the website’s search bar and a unique result pops up for each name. Here’s the ‘urban meaning’ derived from the names of a few PGA Tour golfers!

Tiger Woods

The Big Cat! Tiger has a rather bitter explanation for his name on the Urban Dictionary. Probably, the ‘GOAT’ would be apt.

Phil Mickelson

Lefty often stands out on the tour with his impeccable talent, but his gigantic calves are a major area of attraction as well! 

Jordan Spieth 

Of course, Spieth will always first be remembered for his historic 2015 season, also for his humongous Under Armour deal that rocketed the brand to new heights!

Rory McIlroy 

The dictionary defines McIlroy with a splash of his personal as well as professional life!

Dustin Johnson

Here’s how the urban dictionary defines the name, Dustin Johnson. 

Patrick Reed 

Reed has encountered many infamous incidents on the tour, but this urban meaning is trying to bring a whole new level of relevance altogether.

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