Meet Tiger Woods' Four-Legged Friends

Tiger Woods is an ardent pet lover and he’s raising a few dogs at home. His four-legged friends also accompany him on the golf course. Let's check out what dogs he has. 


Yogi was an all-white Labradoodle, who was with a tiger for the last twenty years. But as he got old, he also got ill and then had to be put down in 2019. 

Credit: Youtube


Taz was a gift given to Tiger on his 30th birthday. Taz had to get ACL reconstruction in 2015, on both of his back legs. 

Credit: Youtube


Tiger currently has two dogs at home, Bugs, and Lola. Tiger had adopted Bugs in 2015. Bugs is a Border Collie and Springer Spaniel Mix. 

Credit: Youtube


Tiger brought Lola, a little Australian Shepherd, into his dog pack. Lola and Bugs are trained to fetch his golf balls.

Credit: Youtube

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