John Daly Opens Up on Golfing Experience With a Former POTUS

Daly is widely popular for playing golf with celebrities. In a recent podcast appearance, Daly discussed how former President Bill Clinton plays golf.

What Daly said about Bill Clinton

“It’s like every time he’d hit one, he wouldn’t look at it; He’d already thrown another ball down.”

Daly's Quotes

“It’s funny, literally he’d carry a lot of golf balls in his pocket.” Daly explained that the former President doesn’t play to win, but simply for the love of the game.

John Daly Reveals which U.S. President is the best golfer

Daly has played golf with four former presidents of the United States; George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. Since he has played with all four of them, Daly knows how good they are in the game. According to him, Bush Sr. is the best among all.

 Daly’s recent victory AT PNC Championship

Daly is one of the best golfers in the United States of America. He's currently competing in the PGA Tour of Champions and recently won the PNC Championship with his son in record fashion!

Credit- PGA Tour Champions/YouTube

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