John Daly Reveals What Donald Trump Told Him During Their First Meeting in 1992

Days after the PNC tournament, Daly appeared in a Podcast as a guest in which he talked about his relationship with Donald Trump, the former POTUS.

John dAly and Donald Trump's Friendship

Daly has supported former President Donald Trump on several occasions; he even accompanied Trump in several presidential debates. In an interview after one such debate, Daly said, “He’s the president if 51 percent love him than he’s awesome which he is.”

When Did Daly Meet trump for the first time?

Daly shared an  interesting conversation from when he met Trump for the first time in 1992:, “When we left that balcony… um… he says, ‘I will be President of the United States one day’.”

What trump told daly after His PNC VICTORY

Donald Trump was among the first to congratulate Daly on his PNC Championship win. Trump FaceTimed Daly at the Ritz-Carlton and spoke to him and his son.

Daly health update 

Daly is suffering from bladder cancer, Daly explained. “So I go every six months to get checkups now instead of every three months. Do it for five more years”.

Credit- PGA Tour Champions/YouTube

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Daly's net worth

The American professional golfer is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million and indeed lives a lavish life.

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