Leaving Behind the ‘Highest Paid US Athlete’ a Soccer Star Surpassed Not Only Tiger Woods and LeBron James, but Patrick Mahomes Too

20 th June, 2023

But a soccer legend has emerged, surpassing Tiger Woods, LeBron James, and even the NFL quarterback, Patrick Mahomes in earnings.

Sportspersons often get paid enormous amounts of salaries and endorsements, paving their way into the Forbes List.

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Which player has surpassed the legends of other sports?

7-time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi has nabbed the crown of the highest-paid athlete from Woods, James, and Mahomes taking in an estimated annual amount of $50-$60 million, endorsements separate.

What is the annual salary of the surpassed legends?

Tiger Woods made $70 million last year but is out this year due to an injury. King James is set to make around $47 million, and Patrick is the highest-paid in the NFL with a whopping salary of $45 million.


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