‘Nobody Works Harder Than Bryson’: Phil Mickelson Exemplified What Separates Bryson Dechambeau From the Rest in a 2020 Chat With Pat McAfee

The work ethic of Bryson DeChambeau knows no bounds. A good number of golf entities have spoken about the 29-year-old’s scientific approach to the game, with varying degrees of either support or backlash. But when it comes to Phil Mickelson, there have only been words of encouragement. The veteran golfer gave his school of thought on the same in a talk show after his win at the 2021 PGA Championship.

Phil Mickelson discloses his ‘reference point’ and thought process.

During a candid talk on the Pat McAfee Show, Mickelson delved into Bryson DeChambeau and his methods on the golf course. When asked about the differences between himself and the 2020 US Open champ, Mickelson said his compatriot’s process was inclined towards science and technology.

What did Mickelson say?

Mickelson also gave out an example of how he and DeChambeau would prepare for the same shot in totally different ways. “For example, lag putting; when we get on fast greens. What I would do and have done for 20 years with the help of Dave Pelz was build a reference stroke for 40 feet, 50 feet, 60 feet,” Mickelson revealed.

Mickelson has his say on Bryson DeChambeau’s methods.

Next up, Mickelson explained how DeChambeau would go about doing the same business. “What Bryson does is, he takes it back to certain points, and he reads from the little portable launch mart or the quad that he uses, the ball speed. How fast the ball comes out of the face,” he said.

Mickelson further explained how the different processes came to be.

“He’s doing the same things, but in a much more scientific way. I did not have that technology when I was practicing. So I had to do it a little bit different way to build that reference,” he said.

While closing down on the matter, Mickelson spoke glowingly about DeChambeau.

“If you see him on the range, thousands of thousands of balls over, he’s hitting balls at 9:45 at night at the US Open,” he said. “Nobody works harder than Bryson.”

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