‘Pray for Me’: Days After Taking an Unwarranted Blow, PGA Tour Pro Suffers Another Painful Moment, This Time From His Own Daughter

24th june 2023

A PGA Tour pro faces challenges in both professional and personal life. Despite recent setbacks, he now finds himself in a painful situation caused by his own daughter.

Seeking prayers and support from his fans, he navigates through these difficult times.

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The Unforeseen Misadventures Continue for Adam Hadwin

Golf pro-Adam Hadwin, a former champion, had an unexpected surprise during the RBC Canadian Open. Mistaken for a fan, he remained composed when his wife Jessica surprised him. The couple is famous for their playful exchanges and witty banter. Their three-year-old daughter also showed a humorous streak, leaving Adam speechless and seeking forgiveness from God.

A Sassy Response Shakes the Golf Pro

Curious about her new friend at school, he innocently asked her about it. In a surprising display of wit and clarity, the three-year-old replied, "You don't know her daddy; mind your own business." The golfer was left speechless, stunned by his daughter's unexpected response. It was then that he turned to his fans, seeking solace and humor in their support, ending his tweet with a simple request: "Pray for me."

An Entertaining Flight Courtesy of Hadwin's Daughter

PGA Tour pro-Adam Hadwin's daughter continues to amuse the internet with her hilarious antics. During a flight, she announced a bathroom emergency and struck a yoga pose in a busy terminal, delighting her mother. These incidents highlight the young girl's spirited personality and bring joy to her parents. Despite facing challenges, Hadwin's ability to find humor and share these moments with fans shows his resilience. He requests prayers for support on his unpredictable journey.


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