‘There Won’t Be Another…’: Latest Tiger Woods Revelation, Courtesy of His ‘Little Brother’ Justin Thomas, Has Golf Fans Reacting in Excitement

Tiger Woods has always been supportive of all his fellow golfers including his competitors. And the golfer was recently impressed by Fred Couples’ performance at the PGA Tour Champions’ SAS Championship. He even called his pal, Justin Thomas, and asked him if he was tuned in to the game too. And when the news of Woods watching the game went on Instagram, fans came up with all kinds of reactions to it.

Tiger Woods called Justin Thomas to watch Fred Couples’ game.

Woods has not returned to the field himself in quite a long time. But mentally, the golfer is as involved in professional golf as he could ever be. And according to a recent incident, Woods showed that he was indeed a lot more interested in the game than many golf fans.

Woods was intrigued by the SAS Championship featuring his old friend Fred Couples.

The news was brought to the fans by Woods’ “little brother”, Justin Thomas, who was tuned into the Buffalo Bills-Kansas City Chiefs game. “I think [Couples] was on 17 or 18 and Tiger called me,” Thomas said. “And he’s like, ‘Are you watching this?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, pretty good game.’ He’s like, ‘No, Freddie’s 11 under and he’s playing 18.’”

Thomas switched back to watching golf.

 As soon as Thomas received the update about Couples’ performance from Woods, he switched back to watching golf. JT said, “I turned it on and watched him stripe it off 18 tee, stiff an iron shot, and make the putt.”

Fans reacted to Woods and Thomas’ conversation regarding Couples’ game.

Golf fans couldn’t keep calm after Golf.com took to Instagram to share the conversation between the two with the fans. Some said “JT takes a break from golf, Tiger don’t”, while others said, “There won’t be another [player] like Tiger”. Fans were thrilled to find out that despite being at home, Woods was so excited about his old friend’s performance.

Some fans also appreciated the fact that Woods prioritized Couples’ game over anything else.

A person said, “Tiger keeping up with his friend Freddie…Couples played amazing”. While another fan said, “Tiger knows what’s important. A Freddy win any time is big news!”

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