Tiger Woods Shares Valuable Advice to Young Golfers

Tiger Woods returned to golf after being sidelined for 10 months. He suffered a car crash in February 2021 and battled past injuries to once again play the game he loves. Furthermore, he also had a piece of advice for the next generation.

What has Woods got to say to young golfers?

Tiger Woods had just one simple piece of advice. Keep grinding as much as you can until you reach the goal. That is the success mantra for everyone to make it big in life. 

Woods’ exact quotes

“As everyone has said, from [Ben] Hogan to [Lee] Trevino to me, you go out there and dig it out of the dirt. You’ve got to put the time in,” he mentioned. 

Woods' quotes [contd...]

“And for any kid who is aspiring, it just takes time and patience, and again there is no quick way around, no quick fix. You gotta go out there and earn it each and every day and go out there, dig it out of the dirt,” Woods added. 

Woods finished second at the PNC Championship

Tiger Woods was practically demonstrating his advice to young golfers. He did not lose hope after being injured - instead, he kept committing to the grind and posted an excellent second-place finish at his comeback event. 

When will Tiger Woods return to the PGA Tour? 

As of now, Tiger Woods has not ascertained his return to the PGA Tour. He understands the fitness levels it takes to compete on tour and explained that his physical condition needs to drastically improve for him to get to that level. So in a few more months, maybe!

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