GTA 6:
Popular Leaks and rumors

Rockstar Games has been dropping hints about GTA 6, the next edition of its phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto Franchise. Here are some of the most solid leaks and rumors that point towards the development of GTA 6 and how the game might look like at launch.

Cayo Perico Hiest

A few months ago Rockstar Games introduced the Cayo Perico heists to GTA 5 Online and along with it sneakily dropped coordinates that lead to a place with roads resembling the number 'VI'.

Credit: YouTube/IGN

GTA 6 Protagonists

According to a report by industry insider Tom Henderson, GTA 6 will feature a male and a female protagonist both. His words further confirmed the development of GTA 6.

Credit: YouTube/RGR29

Vice City Map

Rumors have it that GTA 6 will be featuring classic GTA game Vice City map as it pays homage to one of the most popular games of the early 2000s.

Credit: YouTube/naimplays


According to some leaks, GTA 6 might have more than one map. The upcoming GTA title will feature expansions just like those in MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft.

Credit: YouTube/worldofwarcraft

Self-Aware NPCs

Credit: YouTube/gtaworkshop

Rockstar Games recently filed a patent for what they are calling 'System and Method for Virtual Navigation in a Gaming Environment' which is smarter and more self-aware AIs or NPCs in layman's language.

GTA 6 Single-Player

Credit: YouTube/cnet

Following the success of GTA Online, fans were worried that GTA 6 might drop singlw-player modes. However, Rockstar has confirmed that it will not turn its back on solo riders. It might, however, turn its back on old-gen consoles. 

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