GTA 5 mods that completely change the game

Since the lauNch of GTA 5, A LOT OF Mods HAVE COME UP. Some players even tried to bring back the age old GTA Vice City and San Andreas. Let's take a look at some of the most amazing mods till date 

V: Vice City

This MOD has the same map as of 2002 vice city release. You can also notice some texture enhancements. 

Credit: Vice City

GTA 5 Remastered

This mod adds over 7000 new objects to Los Santos, resulting in a much denser, more visually rich city. 

Credit: 5 Remastered

GTA Realism

Visually, there are maxed ambient occlusion on vehicles and props to HDR implementation along with a few  gameplay changes. 

Credit: Realism

GTA 5 Remake

New weather effects along with revamps to the quality of reflections and lighting have been added into this mod. 

Credit: 5 Remake

NaturalVision Evolved

This mod has the biggest addition which is screen-space ray traced global illumination. 

Credit: Evolved


Along with other visual enhancements, this mod has got chromatic aberration during gameplay. 


GTA5 Redux

It offers more than 15 presets for ReShade+ENB, 4K textures, modified handling and damage for all vehicles. 

Credit: Redux

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