Hades tips and tricks for PlayStation and Xbox

The Greek mythology game is now available on PC and Nintendo. And we have a list of tips which will help you master this game. Let's check them out right here. 


Having six weapons available in the game, we would suggest you choose the ‘Heart Seeking Bow’, costing just 1 key, to make it your primary weapon. Also choose ‘Shield of Chaos’,as it's alternative, which will cost 3 keys. This can help you with melee damage. 

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For skills choose Death Defiance, this can restore your HP by 50 percent. Also , choosing Chthonic Vitality will regenerate a portion of your HP. 

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 Enemy moves

Be quick while changing directions before aiming and attacking, as your enemies are super cautious and study your moves. 

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Keep moving 

Keep moving and keep a track of what's happening in your surroundings. Also be  quick enough. Use Running and Dashing, to improve your dodge. 

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Save Keepsakes

Use your keepsakes wisely. As some of these keepsakes can be used just once. 

Credit: youtube.com/Hades


Prioritize the following upgrades at first:

Greater Reflex (4th slot, 1st option)

Death Defiance (3rd slot, 1st option)

Chthonic Vitality (2nd slot, 1st option)

Fiery Presence (1st slot, 2nd option)

High Confidence (8th slot, 2nd option)

Golden Touch (7th slot, 2nd option)

Family Favorite (9th slot, 2nd option)

Credit: youtube.com/Hades

Keep saving your coins

Save your coins for the Styx, as here you’ll have a huge shop loaded with some extremely powerful stuff which will get you through the game.

Credit: youtube.com/Hades

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