John Isner, John McEnroe, Boris Becker and Others in the Most Shocking Moments of Wimbledon Championships

From Royal prince playing to the youngest player winning, let's have a look at the most shocking moments in the Wimbledon Championship.

Live performance
by Cliff Richard

When the match was delayed Cliff Richard performed live for the audience. Women Tennis stars joined him in the background to keep the audience entertained.

Credits: Youtube/WatchMojoUk

Wild card entrant wins Wimbledon

Goran Ivanisevic became the first wild entrant to win the Wimbledon Championship. It was unexpected from a nonseeded player to win the tournament.

Credits: Youtube/WatchMojoUk

Royal member on 
the court

In 1926, Duke of York Prince Albert became the only royal member ever to compete in the Wimbledon Championship.

Credits: Youtube/WatchMojoUk

17-year-old Champion

In 1985, 17-year-old Boris Becker became the youngest player to win men's singles at the Wimbledon Championship.

Credits: Youtube/WatchMojoUk


The match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut is the longest Wimbledon match ever. The match went on for 11 hours, and both the players displayed incredible endurance.

Credits: Youtube/WatchMojoUk

Lightning struck center court

In 1985, the most shocking thing happened when lightning struck the center court.

Credits: Youtube/WatchMojoUk

John McEnroe throws tantrums

During a match, John  McEnroe had an outburst. The heated argument with the umpire lead to the most famous McEnroe catchphrase- " you can't be serious".

Credits: Youtube/WatchMojoUk

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