Longest running video game series of all time

Video games which have created huge influence in their time and had the longest run ever. These 7 games have  been there for generations, and are still one of the best.

Donkey Kong 

Donkey Kong first hit arcades back in 1981, and has been active for 36 years. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars was the 37th Donkey Kong title released by Nintendo.

Credit: youtube.com/DonkeyKong 


There are 34 main series Mario titles on console, but when all of his spin-offs are taken into account, that number rises to a whopping 172. These titles have cultivated sales of more than $30 billion and have existed for 37 years. 

Credit: youtube.com/Mario

Microsoft Flight Simulator 

Although work on the first Flight Simulator title began in 1977, it would not be ready for release until 1981. The series holds the honor of being Microsoft's longest-running software product for 37 years and has released 14 games till now. 

Credit: youtube.com/Microsoft Flight Simulator 


When Castle Wolfenstein first released back in 1981 and today, 37 years later, there are a total of 13 Wolfenstein games which have accumulated millions of sales.

Credit: youtube.com/Wolfenstein 

Space Invaders 

Space Invaders first hit arcades back in 1978. There have only been 21 different releases, although the title has been ported to just about every system imaginable.

Credit: youtube.com/Space Invaders 


For 39 years till date, Pac-Man has appeared in 38 different titles as well as a number of compilations. The latest release, Pac-Man Party Royale, released for IOS in November 2019.

Credit: youtube.com/Pac-Man 

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was first released in November 1971 and has gone on to spawn a further 19 titles in the last 46 years. The latest game in the series is Handheld Oregon Trail, which was released in 2018.

Credit: youtube.com/The Oregon Trail

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