Major Fortnite Season 7 Changes you may have overlooked

There are a lot of secrets in season 7. Along with that we also have glitches that one might have never noticed. Here are the top 7 never noticed Season 7 Fortnite secrets. 

The IO’s Bomb

At the surface hubs and at a few places around the island, you can see what the IO’s are working on. Also, on a few screens you can see that they are working on a bomb. 


Summer Brutus 

Brutus will be making a grand return as Summer Brutus. He will be a part of the game in the next few weeks. 


Legendary Ray Gun

The season 7 Ray gun is upgradable. You can secretly upgrade the Ray Gun at any upgrade bench and can unlock Epic as well as the legendary version. 


Jonesy Cow theory

Guernsey could actually be John Jones as Guernseys milk carton has got a missing photo of Jones. This might also be very intelligent move by Jones, wearing a cow costume and getting abducted by aliens to escape the loop and IO.


UFO Umbrella Tip

While you are being chased by a UFO and want to doge their beams, just hide under an Umbrella. When you do so, their beams get bounced back. 


Sunny's Designer 

The skin of Sunny is designed by Donald Mustard's own daughter. He recently confirmed that his daughter was the designing part of Sunny.   


Arena in Season 7

Well, if you don't like any of the new additions of this season, Epic games has actually disabled all those things in the arena.


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