Michael Jordan the Magician: 5 Epic Moves of the NBA Legend

The greatest basketball player to have ever lived has seen a lot of success in his life. He has also left us to witness some jaw-dropping moments.
 Let's have a look at the top five shots Michael Jordan has ever made.

The Triple Pump Layup

This shot of Jordan's completely defies gravity. He makes mid-air adjustments not once, not twice but three times. It makes one wonder, how is this possible?

Chicago Bulls vs New Jersey Nets

Credit: Youtube/ Ryan Van Dusen

The Hand Switch Layup

As the name suggests, Jordan literally changes his mind mid-air. It looks like he will drop the bucket with his right hand but instead decides to do it with his left. 

Chicago Bulls vs Lakers

Credit: YouTube/Kobekid1124

Free-Throw Line Dunk

This is Jordan taking a run up from the other side of the court and rising from the free-throw line for a dunk. If this doesn't scream Air-Jordan, what does?

Slam Dunk Contest

Credit: YouTube/Pro Hoops Daily

Dunk on Patrick Ewing

This is one of MJ's greatest dunks in a game, that too against the Bulls' biggest rivals, the New York Knicks. Patrick Ewing will never forget this moster jam.

Chicago Bulls vs Knicks

Credit: YouTube/4 The Win

The Last Shot

It would be unfair not to add his last and final shot as a Bull. This also happens to be the series clinching shot that won him his sixth and last NBA Championship. 

Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz

Credit: YouTube/Tamas Karacsony

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