Five Times Sean Strickland Crossed the Lines

Sean Strickland is known for being loud-mouthed and saying wild stuff. With a good show inside the octagon, his fans enjoy listening to his mind that has no filter in place. Let's take a look at the wackiest things Sean Strickland has said.

On Murder

Strickland casually declared his excitement to kill his opponent someday in the cage and that he loves to hurt people. 

On Doing Drugs

He casually admitted that if it wasn't for UFC he would probably be cooking meth in a trailer or in prison.

On M*st*b*tion 

After his UFC Vegas 33 win, Strickland encouraged m*st*rb*tion and shared his thoughts on how porn bugs but jerking off helps.

Do Weird S##t

Strickland expressed that he fantasizes to do some weird s##t to Belal Muhammad and that he will let him do it.

On Making Real Money

His plans for a rich life.

He revealed his plans on making money and going on huge spending.

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