Tattoo Fails: UFC superstars with horrible tattoos- Cody Garbrandt, Darren Elkins and others. 

While a lot of fighters have tattoos that are tastefully done, a few fighters have tattoos that absolutely abysmal. Let's take a look at a few of them.


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Cody Garbrandt 

Former bantamweight champion Garbrandt is covered in tattoos. However, it is the tattoo on his neck and chest that might not suit everyone's taste. 

Darren Elkins 

Elkins tattooed his moniker 'The Damage' on his chest in a rather awful manner. 

Colin Fletcher 

Former UFC fighter Fletcher has what appears to be a tarantula tattooed across his chest. Needless to say it looks horrible. 

Joe Riggs 

Former UFC fighter Joe Riggs tattooed his moniker 'Diesel' across his belly.  What do you make of it?

Wanderlei Silva 

Brazilian legend Silva has himself tattooed on his right shoulder. That is definitely not common!

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