Most Controversial Twitch or YouTube Streamers Ever

Twitch and YouTube house various streamers and more often than not they are involved in controversy and drama. Let us take a look at the topmost Controversial Streamers to have ever graced either of the streaming platforms.


Pokimane is one of the most popular Twitch streamers, especially after the rise of Among Us. However, in early 2020, Poki was involved in multiple beefs and controversies.

Credit: YouTube/Pokimane


NRG Clix is a competitive Fortnite player who frequently lands in trouble with the most notable incident being his recent Twitch ban for a couple of days.

Credit: YouTube/Clix


xQc often makes headlines whether it a Twitch ban for cheating in a tournament or his frequent bans from NoPixel GTA RP server.

Credit: YouTube/xQc


Tyler1 has often been involved in controversies and has been banned by Twitch multiple times. However, he has mended his ways and been away from controversies in quite a while.

Credit: YouTube/Tyler1Highlights

Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect's notorious Twitch ban has gone down as the most controversial moment in the history of the streaming platform. The creator is also famous for streaming live from a washroom.

Credit: YouTube/DrDisrespect


Alinity is arguably the most controversial streamer to ever grace Twitch with her presence as she has been constantly involved in beefs with other creators and has also abused her pets without ever getting banned.

Credit: YouTube/GamingWorld

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