Most Intriguing Title Predictions for Xbox's 20th Anniversary Event

Later today, Xbox will ring in its 20th Anniversary with an exciting virtual event. While fans eagerly await the online spectacle, here are some titles which could draw attention in the event.

Sea of Thieves 

Fans most importantly are waiting to hear the updates on Sea of Thieves as well as State of Decay 2. 



As the initial release date of the game draws nearer, fans expect to get a glimpse of this game. 



It may not be the best time to talk about how much longer before the game launches, but sources reveal the game has been completely rebooted. With that being said, we expect this one to be the talk of the evening as many hope that the game will be released in 2024. 


Halo: Infinite

With the games release coming close, player are hoping for another campaign look for Halo: Infinite

Credit: Infinite

Hellblade: 2 

In 2019, it was announced that Hellblade: 2 will have Senua's Saga. This is supposed to exclusively get a release on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S. Hence, this game also feature among the highly anticipated ones.

Credit: 2 

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