Most Underrated PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Games of All time

Only a few games have sold hundreds of millions of copies or have as many active players. However, there are many games to have released in the previous generation which deserved a lot of popularity. Let's look at the most underrated games from this generation.


Ruiner is a multi-platform cyberpunk shooter that was released in 2017 by Reikon games an follows the story of a 'weird psychopath' trying to take out a corrupt regime.

Credit: YouTube/WhatCulture Gaming

The Sexy Brutale

Another multi-platform release, The Sexy Brutale is a puzzle game surrounding a never-ending masked ball featuring a murder mystery and much more.

Credit: YouTube/WhatCulture Gaming

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a tactical RPG initially released in 2014, featuring beautifully hand-drawn sequences and graphics as well as a wonderful background score.

Credit: YouTube/WhatCulture Gaming

Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is a much fresher game on this list coming out only in 2020, however the dystopian space adventure game looks more promising than it proved to be.

Credit: YouTube/WhatCulture Gaming

Sunset Overdrive

From the makers of the hit PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man, Insomniac Games also released Sunset Overdrive, an action-adventure shooter.

Credit: YouTube/WhatCulture Gaming


The 2018 release takes players back to the 19th century in a city-building survival game developed by 11 Bit studios as a alternate history title.

Credit: YouTube/WhatCulture Gaming

Titanfall 2

From the makers of Apex Legends, Titanfall 2 is a single-player campaign FPS packed with actions and inventive twists and has even made its way to Apex.

Credit: YouTube/Titanfall Official

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