Dale Earnhardt Jr Greatest Investments

Dale Earnhardt Jr has played smart with his money. Without wasting any of the penny Earnhardt has made some interesting investments along the way.

Western town 

Earnhardt invested in property and created a replica of Western town, Whisky River, on his 200-acre property in Cleveland, North Carolina, USA. This town features all the sights like the sheriff’s office to a bank to a church with a 75-foot steeple. 

Credits: Youtube

Dale Jr. Foods

He also started with his  latest venture Dale Jr. Foods. This is a partnership with KLN Family Brands out of Minnesota. Here he introduced flavors of Dale Jr. signature potato chips namely Crispy Original, Carolina Barbecue, Zesty Jalapeno and Creole & Green Onion. 

Credits: Youtube

Car Dealerships 

Last year, Dale had partnered with Hendrick Motorsports, to buy a pair of car dealerships in Tallahassee. These dealerships are better known to sell Chevrolets, the other Buicks, GMCs and Cadillacs.

Credit: Youtube