Bubba Wallace Has a Brutal 8-Word Response for Boss Denny Hamlin Jeopardizing His Friendship With Kyle Larson


The Kyle Larson-Denny Hamlin incident during the Pocono Cup Series race has sparked debate and criticism. The entire NASCAR industry has had something to say about this ruthless incident, including veteran NASCAR drivers like Kyle Petty and Bubba Wallace.

Bubba Wallace didn’t hold back his strong remarks

Despite Denny Hamlin being his boss, Bubba Wallace was honest about his take on the Pocono incident. When asked about racing friends, he responded with a relatable story about how he races his friends on the track. But it was the next 8 words that affirmed where he stood on the matter: “You don’t put each other on the fence,” he explained which was the 8 word revelation. “You can do anything else but that. You can’t ruin a guy’s day, said Wallce

Denny Hamlin’s attitude perhaps made it worse

More than Denny’s action, it was perhaps his nonchalant and unapologetic attitude about this incident that had angered fans and experts further. Denny had explained that his actions were strictly for the purpose of the race. However, he received more booing from fans than cheering for his victory. And now, if his employee is also of a similar opinion, then it is perhaps high time that he mended his ways for the better.

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Bubba Wallace's candid response

Bubba Wallace's candid response to the incident shows that even those close to Denny Hamlin believe that he may have taken things too far. Wallace's remarks serve as a reminder that while friendly competition is one thing, jeopardizing a friend’s chance at performing well is another.

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