Dale Earnhardt Jr. Delivers Bad News To Chase Elliott With Playoff Verdict


Chase Elliott, the poster boy of NASCAR, has had a difficult season with a broken tibia and a one-race suspension. Despite his optimism, he has yet to achieve a victory this year. 

 Elliott's Struggles

With a limited number of races left in the regular season, the NO. 9 Chevy has yet to take the reins. This season has been a pure story of tragedy still unfolding in layers for Elliott. If one remembers correctly, then by this time last year, Chase Elliott already had four victories and was the biggest contender for the regular-season championship. However, this season has been quite different for him.

Dale Jr.'s Take

As the hope to enter the post-season steadily worsens for the HMS driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr puts to rest all the conjectures related to Elliott’s entering the playoffs once and for all. In an episode of Dale Jr Download, the former Cup Series driver revealed that it will be interesting to watch Elliott battle it out, but he probably won't factor into the final four.

Dale Jr. stated, “Going to be interesting now that Chase is pretty much going to muscle in. It’s going to be interesting to watch him battle that up. I love it, and I think it’s fascinating, knowing these guys probably aren’t winning a championship this year; they are not gonna factor into the final four.”

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The Future for Elliott

It is truly a situation where Elliott has to be worried about his performance and turn the tides of his fate. Will he be able to achieve a victory and enter the playoffs? Only time will tell. Although Elliott has portrayed a brave face and is still optimistic about earning a victory, Dale Earnhardt Jr would beg to differ.

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