Dale Earnhardt Jr Makes a Jaw-Dropping Claim About Chase Elliott & Olivia Dunne


In the world of sports, it's not uncommon for the lines between different arenas to blur. This time, it's NASCAR's turn to feel the influence of a high-profile romance.

The Swift-Kelce Effect

The rumored relationship between pop icon Taylor Swift and football star Travis Kelce has been making waves in the sports world. Their appearances together have sparked a buzz, raising the question - could a NASCAR driver create the same kind of excitement?

Dale Earnhardt Jr's Pick

In response to this question on his podcast, racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. chose Chase Elliott as the driver capable of generating such buzz. He said, "If anybody can create that type of buzz in the sport it would be him."

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The Olivia Dunne Connection

Earnhardt Jr. revealed that Elliott once persuaded NASCAR to invite famous gymnast Olivia Dunne to a race. He quoted Elliott saying, "I think she's cool. I love to meet her [Olivia Dunne] and I think it would be great for NASCAR, if you invited her to come to the track." This move not only allowed Elliott to meet Dunne but also introduced NASCAR to her fanbase.

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