Denny Hamlin Accuses Joe Gibbs’ Grandson of Invoking Dale Earnhardt’s Tragedy on Ryan Blaney: No Place to Hide


In a recent NASCAR event, veteran driver Denny Hamlin made some controversial comments that have ruffled feathers in the racing community.

The Unfortunate Incident

The regular season finale at Daytona was marked by a horrific crash involving Ryan Blaney. The accident was eerily reminiscent of the fatal accident of Dale Earnhardt Sr., stirring up traumatic memories within the NASCAR community.

Hamlin's Controversial Comments

Hamlin, a seasoned driver for Joe Gibbs Racing, did not hold back his thoughts on the incident. He blamed his JGR teammates for the crash, particularly pointing fingers at Joe Gibbs' grandson. His sharp comments have added fuel to the fire in an already tense situation.

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The Aftermath

The crash resulted in one of the worst pile-ups in recent times, involving Gibbs and 10 other cars. Hamlin's remarks have sparked debates within the NASCAR community, with many awaiting further developments in this unfolding drama.

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