Denny Hamlin Defends Himself With a Controversial Dale Earnhardt Sr Clip Regarding His Involvement in Chase Elliott’s Suspension


Denny Hamlin has become a controversial figure on social media recently after he played a pivotal role in Chase Elliott’s suspension following their crash at Coca-Cola 600. 

Meanwhile, fans continued to attack him on Twitter, as the JGR driver used a controversial clip of Dale Earnhardt Sr to shut down a user. Moreover, he also gave a warning to the fans, which drew further controversy. 

A fan tried to shut down Hamlin

A fan called out Hamlin on Twitter, saying, “Denny should not be the voice of NASCAR on this topic. Can you imagine Dale Sr. advocating for another driver to be suspended or to defend himself from other drivers’ requests that he be suspended for handling things on the racetrack?” 

Hamlin’s epic response

Replying to the fan’s tweet, Hamlin said, “I get paid to give takes. I have a show just like Corey, Logano, and others. Drivers are asked during media each week to give their takes on hot topics. Not sure you really want drivers muted.”

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Hamiln uses controversial Dale Earnhardt Sr’s clip 

In the same tweet, he brought up Earnhardt Sr’s example, as he further said, “In the meantime here’s a clip that perhaps you might find helpful to your Dale Sr question. He wasn’t sent head on into the wall but was spun by Rudd. He thought that should result in a fine and sit out the rest of the season.”

Credit - Denny Hamlin Twitter

Hamlin gave a stern warning to the fans 

In the following tweet, Hamlin wrote, “I also do not mind ANYONE who has a difference of opinion, but as about 200 people found out last week, you come with hate or rude comments, then you will find yourself not needing to comment on my takes any longer because you won’t be seeing them.”

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