Earnhardt Jr. Silences Fans' Uproar Over CARS Tour Streaming

A wave of confusion sweeps over the fans of the CARS Tour, a popular stock car racing series. The man at the center of it all? None other than Dale Earnhardt Jr., the series co-owner and former Cup Series driver. 


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The Rising Star of Racing: CARS Tour

The CARS Tour is fast becoming the launchpad for aspiring NASCAR drivers. With big names like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, Justin Marks, and Jeff Burton backing the series, it's the perfect stage for drivers to showcase their skills.

The Misunderstanding: Kenny Wallace's Video

Kenny Wallace, a 60-year-old racing veteran, recently stirred up confusion with a promotional video for the Snowball Derby. Fans were taken aback by the steep price tag of $74.99 for the event, leading to misconceptions about the pricing of the CARS Tour races.

Earnhardt Jr. Clears the Air

 Dale Earnhardt Jr. was quick to dispel the confusion with a tweet, stating, "Y’all two goofballs… this is not a Cars Tour event. Cars Tour is on Flo and is included in the annual subscription. No Cars Tour events are PPV."

The CARS Tour is set to make waves in the American motorsport scene, and with Earnhardt Jr. at the helm, the future looks promising.


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