Fans Demand Denny Hamlin’s Suspension After Bitter Alex Bowman Comments


Denny Hamlin started the Chicago Race in pole position; however, he could not control the car on the wet track, which led to some unfortunate incidents on the track.

One incident with his former rival, Alex Bowman, certainly caught the attention of many. Later, Bowman even commented on social media. After that, fans asked NASCAR to suspend Hamlin. 

The Hamlin-Bowman incident in Chicago

Credit - NASCAR on NBC Twitter

Hamlin and Bowman were battling for the top 10 on lap 41st. However, Hamlin gave a slight push to the back of Bowman, and he almost hit the wall. However, Bowman lost so many places after this incident. Things got worse for him, as his car caught fire on the 45th lap due to an apparent engine failure, which eventually ended his race. 

Bowman vented his frustration on social media

Later, Bowman took to his Instagram story and wrote, “We had a fine day going. We were gonna end up on 11th in front of the top 10 and yeah I got spun out. Quite sure it sounded like Denny shot just the brakes up, missed the corner and I helped him make the corner. But somehow, that whole change broke something in the engine or something was already going wrong.”

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Fans slam Hamlin for the incident

Fans on Twitter started calling out Hamlin for causing Bowman to crash. One fan said, “Denny Hamlin should be suspended he intentionally took out Alex Bowman” Another fan said, “They need to sit him a race, that was so intentional.” One more user said, “Denny Hamlin is a grade A bit** man. Drove right through Bowman there.”

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