Fans Trash Richard Childress Racing’s Flaw as Kyle Busch’s North Wilkesboro Return Ruined


Legendary driver Kyle Busch had a terrible weekend during the All-Star race at North Wilkesboro Speedway.

 NASCAR had heat races and pit crew challenges, which was an attempt to bring more fans into the sport. Unfortunately, one of the most popular drivers, Busch did not enjoy those challenges, as he looked dejected coming out of the car. 

Kyle Busch’s All-Star race

The Richard Childress Racing’s #8 Chevy of Busch did not have any speed or momentum. Busch raced in the second leg of the heat race and he finished in the 7th position. As a result, he picked up the 14th place for the starting line. 

Busch looked dejected coming out of his car

NASCAR reporter,  Noah Lewis tweeted a video, saying, “@KyleBusch was understandably not in the mood to talk about a tough run at North Wilkesboro in his heat race.” Certainly, Busch looked dejected after not being able to climb up to the top. 

Credit - Skewcar YouTube

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Fans slam RCR’s car 

Many Busch fans took to Twitter and expressed their disappointment with RCR’s car. One fan tweeted, “Stuck in 10th out of 10 cars for most of that race was pretty bad. Getting up to 7th must have been a challenge from what I saw.” Another fan said, “Yeah, because the set up on the car was way off not competitive at all.” One more fan wrote, “I would be pissed to after that run.”

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