HMS Legend Breaks Down NASCAR’s New Rules Package for Short Tracks and Road Courses

As the engines roar and the adrenaline pumps, NASCAR is gearing up for a revolution. A new set of rules is about to change the game, but what lies beneath these changes?


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The Dawn of a New Era

NASCAR has rolled out a fresh set of rules for the 2024 season. The changes, a result of extensive testing and driver feedback, are set to redefine racing on short tracks and road courses. However, the season opener, Clash at the Coliseum, remains untouched by these new mandates.

Aerodynamics Reimagined

The Next-Gen car is getting a facelift. Simplified rear diffusers, fewer vertical strakes, and a strake-free engine panel are among the key changes. These modifications aim to enhance downforce and traffic navigation. But that's not all. To counterbalance the reduced downforce, the rear spoiler's height is being increased to three inches.

The Expert's Take

Steve Letarte, the former crew chief of Hendrick Motorsports, breaks down the changes. He says, "That size and width reduces downforce dramatically. But most importantly, it allows the driver to slide the back of the car with a little bit of maneuverability because the rear downforce went away, NASCAR had to add more spoiler back." The changes, he believes, will add maneuverability and widen the race track, setting up passes in short tracks.


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