Joe Gibbs Racing Member Justifies Martin Truex Jr’s Fiery Outburst


Martin Truex Jr was one of the many drivers who was left wanting more out of the race at Richmond. Starting the race at 10th, there was a lot more he could salvage on Sunday than the record books show.

 Truex's Expectations

The fact that he came into Richmond with three wins at the venue, and a great string of performances prior to it, is the reason why he was considered one of the favorites to win the race by experts and bookmakers.

 Truex's Outburst

 But fast forward to the second stage of the race, and one can see Truex shouting out at his team on the radio, boiling with rage. The #19 Camry crew chief James Small was on the receiving end of it. Small explained the circumstances that led to Truex being furious with Frontstretch in a post-race conversation.

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Small's Explanation

Small discussed their shortcomings at Richmond and how they were trying to make up for lost ground. He also mentioned that their pace for the first five or six laps was "God-awful" but it came back at the end of the run. Despite the setbacks, Small still considered it a net gain for them.

He said, "Even in the final stage there, it was still a net gain for us... You know, our pace for the first five or six laps was God-awful. And then it came back at the end of the run so you know, that yellow flag doesn’t come out at the end, then we’d finish fifth which from where we were to start the day after the contact with the #47 and damage to our left rear is a good recovery and a good points day".

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