Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott’s Downfall Ruined for Fans as NBC Fails to Learn from Fox’s Mistakes


Fans of NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott were left disappointed when NBC failed to learn from Fox's mistakes.

The Incident

 Halfway through the regular season, Kyle Busch, who was flirting with a top-5 spot each race, went down to fighting for 15th. Things took a turn for the worst in Michigan when Ryan Blaney sent the bright red #8 spinning down the corner exit. This spin threw Childress' pride and joy's chances of winning down the drain.

NBC's Mistake

Unfortunately, NBC missed the entire incident happening between the #12 and #8 because of an ill-timed ad break. Fans on Twitter expressed their disappointment with comments such as "Too bad we couldn't see it" and "Wouldn't know, in commercial break".

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The Aftermath

It seems that NBC did not make the best decision they could have made in this situation and are now dealing with the consequences of it. The question remains whether they really deserved all the hate or if it was out of their control. Should commercial breaks be halted to show such incidents or should fans come first? What do you think?

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