NASCAR Veteran Kevin Harvick Defends Denny Hamlin in Pocono Raceway Controversy


The racing community is divided over an incident that occurred last Sunday at the Pocono Raceway involving Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson. Hamlin took home a contentious trophy, sparking debate among fans, experts, and fellow drivers.

Harvick Takes a Stand for Hamlin

Kevin Harvick, a veteran driver for Stewart-Haas Racing, has come to the defense of his fellow racer, Denny Hamlin. Harvick has spoken out about the final lap mishap at the Pocono Raceway, which saw Hamlin and Larson involved in a controversial incident.

I mean, it is definitely different with this particular car just because you can get away with so much more damage. You have so less damage because you’re like a battery ram. So you definitely have to be more aggressive in your passing … said Harvick when he was asked about Hamlin's aggresive driving 

NASCAR Blamed for Incident

Rather than placing the blame solely on Hamlin for the incident with Hendrick Motorsports driver Kyle Larson, Harvick has pointed the finger at NASCAR itself. He suggests that the racing organization may have played a role in the events that transpired on the track.

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Racing Community Divided

The incident involving Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson has sparked debate within the racing community. Podcasters, experts, fans, and fellow drivers have all weighed in with their opinions on what happened. The controversy continues to be a topic of discussion.

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