The Next Big Thing in NASCAR: A Hint from Hendrick's Garage

A surprising twist in the NASCAR world as Rick Hendrick's latest choice of driver for his #17 Chevrolet leaves everyone guessing. Could this be a hint of what's to come in 2024?


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The Unexpected Choice

The #17 Chevrolet, a car that has seen its fair share of top finishes, was recently driven not by a seasoned star, but by a fresh face. Rajah Caruth, a 21-year-old from the Craftsman Truck Series, took the wheel and made quite an impression.

A Promising Performance

Caruth's performance was nothing short of impressive. He managed to secure a position as high as P10, eventually finishing at P14. "He might just have done good enough to impress the old man to sign him up full-time," speculates the NASCAR community.

A Dream Come True?

With GMS Racing wrapping up its operations, Caruth is left looking for his next big break. Could it be with Hendrick Motorsports? "Caruth did say yesterday he definitely will race a Chevrolet next season," reveals veteran reporter Bob Pockrass. For Caruth, who was once a fanboy chanting the names of Dale Earnhart Jr and Jimmie Johnson, this could be a dream come true. 


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