When NASCAR Drivers fight on track

It's obvious for NASCAR drivers to get upset with their fellow drivers, as they are driving at a speed of 165+ MPH for hours. Here are the top fights that took place between NASCAR drivers. 

Greg Biffle and Jay Sauter

In 2011, Greg Biffle gave Jay Sauter a real fight off the track. He came out of his car and delivered a really huge and strong punch. 

Credits: Youtube

Jimmy Spencer and Kurt Busch

This feud lasted for about two years, starting in 2003.  It started when Spencer threw a few punches on Busch in the garage area.

Credits: Youtube

Kevin Harvick and Greg Biffle 

Kevin Harvick actually came out as his inner WWE Superstar. Harvick confronted Greg Biffle after this race at Bristol. He stalked and waited for his moment before he started attacking Greg. 

Credit: Youtube

Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton

Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton had a huge fight in 2010. But that's not what makes this fight epic. The actuall fun is after they were done with everything, NASCAR had put them in the same ambulance to go to the infield care center. 

Credit; youtube

Casey Mears and Marcos Ambrose

Credit: Youtube

This came out of nowhere, NASCAR was simply doing its post-race coverage, when Casey Mears and Marcos Ambrose just stumbled upon and the next were  just shoving punches.