5 times NBA players were caught cheating on LIVE TV

Cheating in professional sports is as old as the concept of professional sports. Pairing hyper-competitive athletes and competitions worth billions of dollars, a few of those players are bound to try and get an edge using less than legal methods.

In fact, some of them got quite creative too. See for yourself!


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Draymond Green

Many NBA players are not fond of Draymond Green. While his dirty plays list is endless, his huddle-invading antics are what landed him on this list.  Huddles are vital for teams to discuss strategy, valuable information is discussed that you don't want your opponents to know. But Green loves to infiltrate in other teams' huddles.

Credit: Youtube/CliveNBAParody

DeAndre Ayton

When the Phoenix Suns entered the 2019-20 season, they had ambitions to win the title and their blowout win on opening night against the Kings was the perfect start.  But less than 24 hours later, their playoff hopes were crushed when Ayton got suspended for 25 games, who had tested positive for a Diuretic, a chemical used as a masking agent that hides the presence of other banned substances.

Credit: Youtube/Z. Highlights

John Collins

The Hawks did not have playoffs hopes like the Suns but still losing one of their most productive players to for 25 days was a big problem. Collins, too, tested positive for growth hormone-releasing peptide.  Although Collins tried to argue that a contaminated supplemented was responsible for the positive report but the NBA didn't buy it. 

Credit: Youtube/henny god

Jared Dudley

When Jared Dudley had to jump against Andrew Bynum, a 7-foot-center, he knew he had no chance. Instead of jumping, he went for the steal as Bynum was tipping the ball to a teammate. Players in a jump-ball aren't allowed to do this, unfortunately, the refs did nothing despite a protest from the Lakers. 

Credit: Youtube/NBA Zone

Dwight Howard

This is one of the funniest and most unexpected instances of cheating in the NBA. Stickum is a sticky substance athletes in some sports can legally use for better grip on the ball. Apparently, Dwight had been using it for a while when he played for the Rockets, and it was revealed when Paul Millsap realized something was wrong with the ball after Dwight last touched it. However, instead of being called a cheater, he was vigorously mocked for this idiotic technique.

Credit: Youtube/Swish Scope

Andre Iguodala: Sneakers

Alot of NBA fans are big sneaker-heads. So, it was very obvious that at least one of them would focus on building a collection of their own with their first big check. So, Andre Iguodala spent about $2000 just on NIke sneakers, mostly Jordans. 

Credit: Youtube/Ryan Van Dusen

LeBron James: Amusement park tickets

LeBron James did not just sign a lucrative contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but also signed a massive endorsement deal with Nike.  When he received the first installment of his endorsement deal, he decided to have fun with it.  He took his friends and loved one's to an Amusement park to celebrate his entry into the NBA. 

Credit: Youtube/GD's Latest Highlights


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