Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum & Other NBA Players Who Kobe Bryant Has Mentored

What makes a great NBA player? Sure, his skills, attitude, and mindset. 

But if he isn't able to inspire the generation to come or even teammates, what good is he?

Kobe Bryant is the epitome of greatness in the NBA and because he has gone out of his way to mentor some others. 

Take a look at the list of those lucky players...

Kawhi Leonard

Kobe always said he only mentored those who were curious and attacked the game the way he did and he found that in Kawhi.  Leonard worked out with Kobe and Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy when he was with the Raptors. In fact, he was the first winner of the Kobe Bryant MVP award.

Credit: Youtube/Josh Carson JC3

Kyrie Irving

The mentor closest to Irving's hard was Kobe. The two developed a deep bond during the last stages of his career and during Kyrie's beginning in the NBA.  From moving teams, handling stardom, and co-exiting with LeBron James in the Cavs, Kobe had an impact on all his decisions.

Credit: Youtube/John Carson JC3

Devin Booker

Booker is lately being labeled the next Kobe Bryant because of immense success this season.  And after his first win against the LA Clippers in the WCF, he even thanked Kobe for helping him get to where he is right now.

Credit: Youtube/Book24

Devin Booker

Tatum was already enroute to stardom in 2018 but his mentor-protege relationship with Kobe started after a video of the Mamba criticizing his game went live. Tatum admitted that he watched that clip 25 times and the summer after, the two were practicing one on one.

Credit: Youtube/John Carson Jc3

Anthony Davis

Davis, like Kawhi, was another player whose curiosity intrigued Kobe. Their relationship began during the 2012 Olympics and AD became Bryant's show. They would have meals together, stick together at practice, and even over the years kept in touch off the court as well.

Credit: Youtube/Karl Bilen

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