Brook Lopez's 33-point performance, Khris Middleton Showing off his moves & Other Milwaukke Bucks vs Atlanta Hawks Game 5 ECF Highlights

This Game 5 bout of the Eastern Conference Finals proved one thing, the Bucks have a far better supporting cast to rely on than the Atlanta Hawks. 

In Giannis' absence, the Milwaukee Bucks were able to secure a 123-112 victory and are one game away from entering the NBA Finals. 

Here's a recap of how it all went down.

Jrue Holiday gives a fiery start

If there is anyone who could give the Milwaukee Bucks the start they needed, it is Jrue Holiday. He added 7 of the Bucks first 10 points to the scoreboard.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Brook Lopez was the real star

Jrue Holiday may have given them a boost but Brook Lopez stole the limelight by living at the rim in the first quarter as he went on to drop monstrous dunks again and again.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Bucks get a big lead in the first quarter

Lopez, Jrue, and Khris Middleton scoring in double-digits gave the Bucks an important 36-22 lead in the first quarter. This had Giannis Antetokounmpo also cheering from the sidelines.

Credit: Twitter/ Milwaukee Bucks

Bobby Portis comes alive

Bobby Portis with 14 points of his in the second quarter helped the Bucks maintain their control and finished the half with a 65-56 lead. 

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Bogdan Bogdanovic tries to keep the Hawks afloat

For the Hawks, Bogdanovic worked hard to keep the Bucks in reach with his 13 points output in the first half.

Credit: Twitter/Atlanta Hawks

Khris Middleton's spin move

Middleton applied some more pressure on the Hawks when he showed some spectacular moves that left Kevin Huerter in quicksand.

Credit: Twitter/NBA on TNT

Lopez dominates Hawks on the inside

Lopez ended the night with a whopping 33 point performance and dominated the paint beautifully. This was the biggest ingredient in the Bucks' recipe to win Game 5 with a 123-112 score.

Credit: Twitter/NBA on TNT

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