Damian Lillard Raining Threes, Jayson Tatum’s Slam Dunk & Other Team USA vs Iran Tokyo Olympics 2020 Highlights

Team USA ranked last in Group A, and Iran was also at the bottom before they were pitted against each other. 

The USA had lost their opener to France and Iran had lost their's to the Czech Republic, so they both entered this matchup with a sense of urgency to win. 

Thankfully, the USA had a blowout 120-66 win over Iran and here's how it all happened.

First bucket by Iran but Damian Lillard hits back

Iran takes a quick 2-0 lead as team USA's switching defense continues to be vulnerable to opponents with size. Fortunately, Damian Lillard opens their night with a three-pointer.

Credit: Youtube/Core HighlightsTV

Devin Booker from the baseline

Booker's jumper from the baseline helps the USA grab a 10-7 lead. He goes again and you can see that Team USA is now exerting their athletic advantage over Iran. This jumper actually came thanks to the USA's quickness on the offensive glass.

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Haddadi doing his best to keep Iran alive

Hamed Haddadi was incredible and impacting the game on both ends of the floor, especially the offense, where he was the entire system for Iran.

Credit: Youtube/Core Highlights TV

USA showering threes left and right

Jrue Holiday hits a three, and then Iran answers with one of its own. After that, Damian Lillard nails another bucket from the arc and Kevin Durant follows his lead with one of his own. Dame and KD had combined for 5 threes already. The first quarter ended with 28-12 for USA.

Credit: Youtube/Core Highlights TV

Jayson Tatum dropping defenders

By the second quarter, Iran was only halfway to Team USA's score 30-15. Then we saw Jayson Tatum drop a defender on his way to the rim and moments later. we witnessed a beautiful and easy slam dunk.

Credit: Youtube/ Core HighlightsTV

Team USA isn't settling

Everything USA was going was either ending at the rim or dropping from the three-point line. With another three from Jrue Holiday, the USA was able to take a 38-15 lead.

Credit: Youtube/Core Highlights TV

No stopping Damian Lillard

By the end of the second quarter, Damian Lillard had 18 points and he also had 6 threes. There's nothing to analyze here other than saying, he is truly awesome. By halftime, USA was ahead 60-30.

Credit: Youtube/Core HighlightsTV

Kevin Durant, the rim protector

There is no doubt that Kevin Durant is an underrated rim protector, until he isn't doing the protecting against someone like Giannis at least. By the third quarter, he was just 7 points shy of Carmelo Anthony's scoring record. Third ended with a 72-34 score.

Credit: Youtube/Core HighlightsTV

A 50 point lead?

In the fourth quarter, we pretty much saw USA dropping bucks left and right. Dame, Tatum, and KD going from the three-point line. And you know it's over when Draymond Green starts making threes. USA had 114-57 lead. With a 54 point win, the game ended at 120-66 in favour of Team USA.

Credit: Youtube/Core HighlightsTV

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