Did LeBron James Drop A Sneak Peek Of The Unreleased LeBron 20s At the Drew League?

Nike has one of the most impressive collections of athletes under their belt. However, no one probably comes close to Michael Jordan. So, after his retirement, they had to bring in someone to fill in his shoes. Likewise, they put their trust in a kid who was destined to be the next MJ. That was a young LeBron James coming out of high school.

The King signed the biggest rookie deal in NBA history and has been their biggest star ever since. Now, he is ready to launch his 20th official sneaker with Nike, and the fans went crazy.

As the biggest athlete on Nike’s radar, James is regularly coming out with his own gear. And recently, he shook the NBA world with a look at his new sneaker. 

The new LeBron 20s are all set to be the latest addition to Nike’s line with the Los Angeles Lakers star. James took them out for a spin in his historic return to the Drew League and gave fans a show. Dropping 42 points in his new shoes, his return to the Drew was all worth it.

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